A disclaimer, also known as a “disclaimer”, is a legal statement used to limit or clarify a party’s liability for certain actions or events. These statements are often found in legal documents, contracts, websites and products.

In a job site context, a disclaimer can address several aspects, such as:

Employment Information: The site may not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided by researchers or candidates.

Responsibility for Transactions: There may be a statement about the site’s responsibility in relation to transactions between users and candidates, such as employment contracts, payments, or any disputes arising from interactions.

Service Interruptions: The authorized party can explain that the website is not responsible for service interruptions, technical failures, or any damages caused by events beyond the website’s control.

Links to Third Parties: If the site has links to other sites, permission may be made clear that it is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those third party sites.

For specific information about the “Job Freedom” website liability authorization in Portugal, we recommend that you consult the Terms of Service or contact the website support directly. These documents usually detail the responsibilities and exemptions applicable to the use of the service.